How it works

How does Electron Modulation work?


EM works by reducing inflammation through the restoration of cell, nerve and tissue function.

Most injuries involve trauma and inflammation.

  • The walls of the cells that make up the various tissues contain valves known as ion channels. Ion channels help to control cell metabolism by providing a means of nutrient and oxygen input and waste product output.

  • When cells are injured or traumatized they lose ion channel function. When this happens cell metabolism is compromised and the cell retains excess water and waste product. As a result the injured or traumatized cells may not function properly resulting in swelling, as well as abnormal changes in nerve function resulting in pain and other dysfunction or medical problems.

The EMD technology uses focused electron energy to reactivate dysfunctional ion channels.

  • When this occurs the ion channels begin to function allowing excess water and waste product to leave the cell creating a reduction of cellular, tissue and nerve edema (swelling).

  • As a result the previously dysfunctional cells can regain normal function and in the case of nerve cells are able to once again transport normal nerve impulses. The immediate benefit can be the reduction and/or elimination of swelling and pain. No observed side effects have been reported in clinical studies.


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